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Litigation is a poor way to make money, and the construction companies hurt their relations with clients when they are constantly suing people.
-Barbara Ashley Phillips in The Mediation Field Guide

The above advice is not limited to the construction industry. Few make money in litigation, especially when lost opportunity costs and distraction from one's core business are factored in. Parties embroiled in a dispute increasingly use mediation as their preferred tool for dispute resolution because it's quick, inexpensive, and lets them maintain control.

Lawyers looking for a neutral who will get the job done have called on Chris Soelling for the last 12 years. He practiced 20 + years as a commercial trial lawyer in Seattle before becoming a full-time neutral. He has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of cases in the commercial arena, including construction, real estate, insurance coverage, and business disputes of all kinds. He is especially well known for resolving complex cases involving multiple parties. He is candid, even-handed and tenacious, qualities that have made him one of the most requested mediators in the Pacific Northwest. Click here for resume.